10 лучших игр с Can и have to с индивидуальным студентом уровня pre-intermediate

Студенты уровня pre-intermediate периодически теряются между Can и Have to. Им бывает тяжело ощущать разницу между этими понятиями. Здесь огромную роль играет преподаватель, который поможет разложить все по полочкам и отточить мастерство использования этих выражений. Для того, чтобы вы не тратили свое драгоценное время на поиски достойного материала, предлагаем вашему вниманию подборку из 10 полезных ресурсов для студентов уровня Pre-Intermediate.


Put "have to" in the correct tense.

  1. Why … he ... stay after classes? Mrs. Green, our teacher, gave him lines.

  2. Eton is a highly strict school. Students there ... wear their uniform.

  3. ... you ... learn the poem by heart? — No, I have already learned it,

  4. You ... buy bread. Mum has already bought it.

  5. Jimmy ... get up early. It’s holiday-time.

  6. Tom ... take his PE kit to school on Monday and Tuesday. He has PE lessons on these days.

  7. _______ we _______ walk to school? — No, let’s take a bus.

  8. Sally has no pen. She ... ask somebody for a pen.

  9. Nelly is studying literature. She ... read a lot of books.


Choose the right answer.

1) He ... to wash his shirt.

  1. can

  2. can't

  3. has to

  4. doesn't have

2) She ... wear any clothes she likes.

  1. can

  2. can't

  3. have to

  4. don't have to

3) He ... keep his room tidy.

  1. can

  2. can't

  3. has to

  4. doesn't have to

4) She ... get up early.

  1. can

  2. can't

  3. has to

  4. doesn't have to

5) I ... use swear words.

  1. can

  2. can't

  3. have to

  4. don't have to

6) They ... pay attention.

  1. can

  2. can't

  3. have to

  4. don't have to

7) You ... take pictures.

  1. can

  2. can't

  3. have to

  4. don't have to

8) He ... wear a uniform.

  1. can

  2. can't

  3. has to

  4. doesn't have to

9) You ... smoke in this area.

  1. can

  2. can't

  3. have to

  4. don't have to

10) She ... have piercings.

  1. can

  2. can't

  3. have to

  4. don't have to


Translate the sentences into English.

  1. Вы должны бросить курить.

  2. Вечеринка была замечательная. Вам следовало прийти.

  3. Ты можешь решить эту проблему.

  4. Тебе следует навестить своего больного друга.

  5. Тебе следовало навестить своего больного друга, но ты не навестил.

  6. Не хотите еще чая?

  7. Я вынужден был сделать это.

  8. Я не знаю, почему мы спешили. Нам не нужно было спешить.

  9. Я бы хотел пойти с тобой.

  10. Ты можешь делать все, что хочешь.


Fill can/can't or have to/don't have to.

  1. You … be a member to borrow from the library.

  2. You … be over 18 to become a member.

  3. You … pay for the annual membership.

  4. You … pay if you are a full time student or a teacher.

  5. You … borrow 8 books at a time.

  6. You … have your reader`s card with you if you want to use the library.

  7. You ... take home any books without your reader’s card.

  8. You … take the books home for more than 6 weeks but you … renew the loan once.

  9. You … take home 3 DVDs at a time. You … take them home for 2 weeks.

  10. You … return books before or on the due date.


Circle the correct words.

  1. We has to / have to answer the questions.

  2. Emma has to / have to go to the studio.

  3. Do you has to / have to leave now?

  4. No, I doesn’t have to / don’t have to.

  5. Jay doesn’t have to / don’t have to wait for Emma.

  6. He has to / have to help Carrie.


Rewrite these sentences using can, can’t, could, couldn’t.

  1. Do you see that man over there?

  2. I smell something burning.

  3. I understood what he said.

  4. Did you understand what he said?

  5. I don’t see anyone.

  6. I didn’t understand what he said.


Choose the right forms have to, don't have to, can or can't to complete the following sentences in English.

  1. I ... wait for other people to use the bathroom. it is not necessary

  2. I ... leave home after eight o’clock if I want to. I am able to

  3. I ... catch the bus. it is necessary

  4. I ... study in the evening. I am not able to

  5. I ... make my own breakfast. it is necessary

  6. I ... send emails. I am able to

  7. I ... go to the supermarket. it is necessary

  8. I ... cook a meal for my family. it is not necessary

  9. I ... work in the evening. it is necessary

  10. I ... stay out after eleven in the evening. it is not necessary


Match two columns to describe what people of different professions have to do in their line of job. Then create sentences using 'have to' and information from the columns.

Fit Computer Programmer

Flexible Salesperson

Well educated Fashion model

Well dressed Architect

Young minded Dentist

Cheerful Music teacher

Good with numbers Pilot

Relaxed Children’s television presenter

Good at languages Journalist

Strong Chef

Able to drive Professional soldier

Good at typing Hairdresser

Good at cooking Flight Attendant

Have good eyesight Office worker

Able to sing Housewife


Fill “сan” or “can´t”.

  1. Her dad only speaks English. He ... speak French.

  2. I ... swim a hundred meters.

  3. ... you make a fire?

  4. ... he cook? No, he ... .

  5. What sports ... you play?

  6. Marc ... climb trees, he is ill.

  7. There´s party tonight. ... I come?

  8. Peter doesn´t want to go to the pool because he ... swim.

  9. Cats ... climb trees.

  10. Rabbits ... sing.


Fill “have to” or “has to”.

  1. She … to pass the driving test.

  2. I ... tidy up my room.

  3. She ... feed her dog in the morning.

  4. I ... do my housework at the weekend.

  5. Bob and Tom ... finish their essays.

  6. She ... write with a ball pen.

  7. You ... take a shower in the evening.

  8. Chris ... help his father in the garden.

  9. You ... do your homework.

  10. She ... read the English magazine.

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