Christmas lesson plan

Рождество - семейный праздник, которого с трепетом ждут не только дети, но и взрослые. Всем хочется волшебства не только зимним вечером под елочкой, но и на уроках по английскому. Подарите же своему студенту на занятии сказку и преобразитесь в волшебника! :) Сегодня представляем вам план рождественского занятия, которое, надеемся, понравится вашим ученикам.

1. Warm-up

Name three words in each category:

  • three traditions at Christmas;

  • three Christmas movies;

  • three things you eat at Christmas;

  • three Christmas decorations;

  • three things on your Christmas table;

  • three Christmas presents.

2. Vocabulary

Present the following words. Then the task of the student is to guess their meaning.

  • a wreath – венок;

  • mistletoe – омела;

  • a candy cane конфета;

  • a reindeer – северный олень;

  • a chimney – дымоход;

  • a sack – мешок;

  • a stocking – чулок;

  • a gingerbread – пряник;

  • tree ornaments – елочные украшения;

  • blizzard - метель;

  • Christmas Eve – канун Рождества;

  • a fireplace – камин;

  • sleigh – санки;

  • tinsel – мишура;

  • wrapping paper – оберточная бумага.

Mix the words with definitions and the task of a student is to match them:

A wreath – it is made of evergreens, most often pine branches. It is decorated with a variety of items including pine cones, holly berries, fruits, and just about anything you can imagine. The circular shape represents God.

Mistletoe – a plant that grows on range of trees including willow, apple and oak trees.

A candy cane – is a cane-shaped stick candy often associated with Christmastide, as well as Saint Nicholas Day.

A reindeer – it’s an animal that helps Santa Claus at Christmas.

A chimney – a pipe through which smoke goes up into the air, usually through the roof of a building.

A sack – it’s a kind of bag that Santa fills with Christmas presents.

A stocking – is a long sock which children hang up on Christmas Eve.

A gingerbread – refers to a broad category of baked goods, typically flavored with ginger, cloves, nutmeg or cinnamon and sweetened with honey, sugar or molasses.

Blizzard – is a severe snowstorm.

Christmas Eve – the evening or entire day before Christmas Day, the festival commemorating the birth of Jesus.

A fireplace – a framed opening made in a chimney to hold an open fire: hearth; also: a metal container with a smoke pipe used for the same purpose.

Sleigh – a large sled that's pulled by horses, or in the case of Santa Claus, by reindeer.

Tinsel – a type of decorative material that mimics the effect of ice, consisting of thin strips of sparkling material attached to a thread.

Wrapping paper – a kind of paper designed for gift wrapping.

3. Video

Emily Blunt & John Krasinski Prank Jimmy Kimmel

Questions after watching:

  • Ask students about their emotions after watching the video;

  • What was the funniest moment in the video;

  • Ask if they ever prank their friends at Christmas.

Put the sentences in chronological order:

  1. Jimmy raised an incredibly tall inflatable reindeer and completed with non inflatable reindeer poops;

  2. Jimmy’s car was wrapped with red paper and it was filled with baubles;

  3. Kimmel’s car was crashed by Santa Claus;

  4. Emily and John planted zombie in Jimmy’s garden;

  5. John and Emily broke into Jimmy’s house and set there a snowman with Santa Claus;

  6. Kimmel’s car was wrapped with blue paper and there was Santa Claus standing in front of it;

  7. The house of Emily and John was fully decorated by Jimmy. There was different stuff all around the house;

  8. Jimmy’s car was wrapped with pink paper and filled with Christmas singers.

4. Role-play

Discuss the following questions:

  • What was the worst present you have ever received at Christmas?

  • Do you decorate your house for Christmas?

  • What kind of interesting things do you do for Christmas in your home country?

  • If you had a million dollars, what would you do during Christmas time?

  • Do you put up a Christmas tree?

  • Do you remember when you found out that Santa Claus wasn't real?

  • How do you usually celebrate Christmas?

  • What was the best present you have ever received at Christmas?

5. Sum-up

Give a card with a prediction for the next year to your student:

You will get married.

You will win a lottery.

You will get a precious gift from somebody important.

You will travel to a country of you dream.

You will meet a lot of new people who will become your friends.

You will move the house.

You will have a salary increase.

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