Top - 5 упражнений на тему Compound nouns

Есть ли разница между словом “greenhouse” и словосочетанием “green house”? Кто такая мама-в-законе? Почему слово “sunrise” можно легко перевести, зная значение его составляющих, а со словом “hot dog” так не сработает? И что вообще за звери эти compound nouns?

Если студенты задают вам подобное вопросы, значит самое время разобраться в теме сложных существительных. Предлагаем вашему вниманию подборку упражнений на самые популярные в разговорной речи составные существительные.

1. Match the correct words from the box with each of the words below. The clues will help you.

worm print storm fly house cast rings chair scraper table overs moon fish mate case

  1. Ear _________ - a piece of jewellery that you wear on your ear.

  2. Light ________ - a tower that warns ships of rocks at sea.

  3. Foot ________ - a mark left by a foot or shoe.

  4. Class _______ - a member of the same class.

  5. Time _______ - a list of times that shows the arrival and departure of trains/plains, etc.

  6. Fore _______ - a description of what is likely to happen in the future.

  7. Jelly _______ - a sea creature with a soft and almost transparent body.

  8. Left ________ - food remaining from a previous meal.

  9. Thunder ______ - a type of weather with thunder, lightning and heavy rain.

  10. Sky ________ - an incredibly tall building.

  11. Book _______ - a person who really enjoys reading.

  12. Honey ______ - a holiday or trip taken by a couple of people who have just got married.

  13. Dragon ______ - an insect with two pairs of large transparent wings.

  14. Arm ________ - a piece of furniture with armrests.

  15. Brief _______ - a bag with a handle that is used for carrying papers.

2. Match a word from column A with a word from column B to make compound nouns. Then use these compound nouns in the correct form (singular or plural) to complete the sentences.


1. pass a) fly

2. air b) cut

3. friend c) book

4. sun d) cake

5. birth e) port

6. butter f) word

7. bed g) ship

8. hair h) rise

9. note i) day

10. pan j) room

  1. I loved Sunday mornings when I was a kid because Mum always cooked delicious _______ for breakfast and I ate them in front of the TV.

  2. There are three big _______ in Moscow.

  3. I wanted to see the _______ , so I woke up really early.

  4. She has known Kate for more than 15 years, their _______ started in kindergarten.

  5. I always carry a small _______ in case I have to write something down.

  6. My new ________ was terrible! I couldn’t look in the mirror without crying for almost a month.

  7. This house has three _______, one bathroom, and a spacious kitchen.

  8. I typed in the wrong ________ three times and my account was blocked.

  9. My _______ is on 29th February. It’s like the Olympics, comes every four years.

  10. I’m afraid of all insects, even the nice ones like ______ and ladybugs.

3. Complete each question with one word to make a compound noun. Use your own ideas to create follow-up questions.

Student A

  1. What do you like doing at the _____end?

  2. Does your _____town have an _____port?

  3. If you could have one _____power, what would it be?

  4. Have you ever seen a _____fall?

  5. When is your _____day?

Student B

  1. Have you checked the weather fore_____ for tomorrow?

  2. How many times a week do you go to the _____market?

  3. What do you like more, sun_____ or sun_____?

  4. What do you do when you have a head_____?

  5. When was the last time you played snow_____?

4. Compound nouns race. In pairs, try to answer all the questions in three minutes using compound nouns. Sometimes more than one answer is possible.

  1. What do you put on when you go to the beach?

  2. What do you call a school which is paid for by a government?

  3. What do you call a long line of cars that moves really slowly?

  4. Where can you take the money out without going to the bank?

  5. What do you call the accessory that protects your eyes from the sun?

  6. What do you call a piece of furniture where you put books?

  7. What do you call the first meal of the day?

  8. What do you call the shaking of the surface of the Earth?

  9. What do you call a household appliance that cleans the dishes?

  10. What do you call a green insect that jumps high?

5. Choose the correct answer.

1. If you want to play tennis at the weekend I can book us a tennis _______ for two or three hours.

  • ground

  • court

  • stadium

2. My parents started giving me _______ money when I was 13.

  • paper

  • ready

  • pocket

3. There are two car _______ near our house. You can leave your car there.

  • parks

  • lanes

  • spaces

4. My mum used to read me _______ tales when I was a kid.

  • magic

  • scary

  • fairy

5. I need to take out some money from my bank ______.

  • deposit

  • savings

  • account

6. My little sister loves ______-go-rounds. She always chooses a pink horse on the outside edge.

  • merry

  • happy

  • fancy

7. — I want to drink some coffee. —- You can use my new coffee______ to make it.

  • appliance

  • machine

  • device

8. He likes drawing, especially with water_______.

  • paint

  • colours

  • light

9. I can’t eat shrimp, I’m allergic to sea_______.

  • dishes

  • food

  • meal

10. Don’t forget to fasten your seat______.

  • belt

  • buckle

  • ribbon

Эти задания можно использовать комплексно, а можно разбить на 2-3 части и разнообразить ими занятия. Упражнения 3 и 4 можно давать в качестве warm-up в начале урока.

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