Предлоги места и времени для уровня Elementary

On Sunday или in Sunday? At the bus stop или on the bus stop? Такие вопросы могут возникнуть у учеников любых уровней, если употребление предлогов не доведено до автоматизма. К сожалению, еще не придуманы универсальные способы запоминания всех исключений и нюансов, а их, как вы знаете, великое множество. Чтобы помочь ученикам запомнить особенности употребления предлогов времени и места, нужно больше их практиковать, как в письменном, так и в устном виде. Поэтому сегодня мы представляем вашему вниманию упражнения для отработки этой темы.

1) Write in/on/at (time).

1. ___ August

2.___ Monday

3.___ 12.30

4.___ summer

5.___ 15 November

6.___ midday

7.___ Christmas day

8.___ night

9.___ the afternoon

10.___ Wednesday evening

11.___ 2007

12.___ the weekend

13.___ Easter

14.___ half past seven

15.___ autumn

2) Complete the sentences with in/on/at (time).

  1. I hate getting up early ___ the morning, because I go to bed late ___ night.

  2. He sometimes visits his parents ___ the weekend. And he always calls them ___ Thursdays.

  3. They are planning to get married ___ summer, probably ___ July.

  4. What do you usually do __ Christmas? Do you open presents ___ the evening or ___ the morning?

  5. Is the bank open ___ Saturdays and Sundays? I have time to go there only ___ the weekend.

  6. She met her husband ___ 1994, when she was studying at University.

  7. I will call you ___ 12.30 ___ Wednesday. Will you be at work?

  8. My best friend’s birthday is ___ 17 January.

  9. I love swimming in the sea ___ night.

  10. My parents don’t like going on holiday ___ winter. Especially ___ February.

3) Write in/on/at (place).

  1. ___ the kitchen

  2. ___ the bus stop

  3. ___ the end of the street

  4. ___ a shelf

  5. ___ the wall

  6. ___ the pool

  7. ___ the north of Germany

  8. ___ the top(of the mountain)

  9. ___ the middle of

  10. ___ school

  11. ___ the airport

  12. ___ the first floor

  13. ___ bed

  14. ___ work

  15. ___ balcony

4) Complete the sentences with in/on/at (place).

  1. There is a cozy little cafe ___ the top of that hill. Let’s go there.

  2. I’m waiting for you ___ the bus stop. Hurry up, I’m getting cold.

  3. - Are the children ___ school? - No, it’s Sunday. They are ___ home, playing ___ the living room.

  4. There is a strange picture ___ the wall ___ the bedroom.

  5. You shouldn’t believe everything you read ___ the newspapers!

  6. - Why are you still ___ bed? It’s almost midday! Shouldn’t you be ___ work? - I don’t feel well, so I decided to stay ___ home today.

  7. Barcelona is the most amazing city ___ the world. Have you been there?

  8. I left my keys ___ the shelf ___ the hallway. Can you take them when you leave?

  9. I hate swimming ___ pools. I prefer to swim ___ the sea.

  10. There are a lot of beautiful parks ___ the north of Saint-Petersburg.

5) Find and correct 5 mistakes in the following text.

In August, my family and I often visit my grandparents, who live in the village on the north of Russia. I love going there, because I can swim in the river, sunbathe in a sandy beach, go for a walk in the forest and play at the treehouse, which my grandfather built for me. Our whole family gathers in the garden in the evening to have dinner together. My grandmother usually cooks tasty pies in the old oven and I help her lay the table. In night I often lie at the grass and look at the stars. I am really happy at these moments.

6) Complete the questions with the right preposition. Then choose 5 questions and ask your partner.

  1. What time do you usually wake up ___ Monday?

  2. Do you have lunch ___ work or ___ a cafe?

  3. What do you have___ your bag/___ your desk?

  4. What do you like doing when you are alone ___ home?

  5. How old were you ___ 2012?

  6. Do you have any pictures ___ the wall ___ your living room?

  7. Are you most productive ___ the morning or ___ the evening?

  8. What subjects did you study ___ University?

  9. What books do you have ___ your bookshelf?

  10. What are you planning to do ___ Friday evening?

  11. What were you doing ___ 5 p.m. yesterday?

  12. Do you have any plants ___ a window sill ___ your apartment?

  13. Do you have any magnets ___ your fridge? Where are they from?

  14. Do you sometimes read ___ bed?

  15. Do you listen to music ___ the radio or ___ the Internet?

7) Translate these sentences into English.

  1. - Не хочешь куда-нибудь сходить (go out) в субботу днем? - Я не могу, мне нужно быть на работе в выходные.

  2. Я увидела странного человека в конце улицы и решила подождать автобус в кафе, а не на автобусной остановке.

  3. Ненавижу готовить на своей кухне. Она маленькая и неудобная. Поэтому я обычно завтракаю на работе, обедаю в кафе, а ужинаю дома.

  4. - Когда ты в последний раз был на вечеринке? - В субботу вечером.

  5. - Когда твой день рождения? - 15 Октября.

  6. - Что ты обычно делаешь на выходных? - Я обычно остаюсь дома и занимаюсь домашними делами.

  7. Я ждала свою маму 3 часа в аэропорту, потому что ее рейс был задержан (delayed).

  8. Я живу на 9 этаже и часто утром пью кофе на балконе.

  9. Анна живет в большом городе и проводит выходные в центре.

  10. - По каким дням у тебя занятия по английскому? - По вторникам и четвергам.

Надеемся, что данные упражнения помогут студентам лучше разобраться с темой предлогов и как следует закрепить её. Keep calm and enjoy studying prepositions.

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