It has been raining since yesterday!

Present Perfect - одно из самых сложных времен для понимания среди русскоговорящих студентов. На его отработку зачастую приходится тратить много времени. Но как только ученики наконец-то начинают в нем ориентироваться, уместно использовать и отличать от времени Past Simple, приходит Present Perfect Continuous и сеет панические настроения.

Зачем так много вспомогательных глаголов? Как это все запомнить? Может можно обойтись без этого времени в разговорной речи? Если студенты задают такие вопросы, не паникуйте. Для запоминания и отработки любой грамматической темы всего лишь нужна практика. Воспользуйтесь нашей подборкой, чтобы упростить подготовку и разнообразить занятие.

Exercise 1. Choose the correct tense form. Tick the sentences where both forms are possible.

  1. Our taxi has arrived/has been arriving. Let’s go or we’ll be late for our flight.

  2. I have learned/have been learning German for two years, but I still can’t talk fluently.

  3. James has run/has been running in the park for two hours, and he’s extremely tired.

  4. I have read/have been reading this book for the whole day, but I have only read/have only been reading the half of it.

  5. Kate has forgotten/has been forgetting to do her English homework. It’s not the first time she hasn’t done/ hasn’t been doing it, so the teacher is angry with her.

  6. I have lived/have been living in this apartment for almost a year. I’m thinking about changing it because now it seems too small.

  7. How long have you known/have you been knowing your best friend?

  8. They have waited/have been waiting for their colleagues for twenty minutes, and now they’re late for the meeting.

  9. Daniel has worked/has been working in this bank since 2012. He has been promoted/has been promoting recently.

  10. Your eyes are red. What’s wrong? Have you cried/Have you been crying?

Exercise 2. Put the verbs in the brackets into the correct form (Present Perfect/Present Perfect Continuous)

  1. Students……………..…..(fail) grammar test twice, because they……..…..…….(skip) classes all semester.

  2. She………….……...(know) her future husband since they were kids.

  3. It……………....…...(rain) since yesterday.

  4. Martha……..……..……..(not have) a holiday for 3 years, and she’s exhausted.

  5. Your boss………..……..…..(phone) you three times already. I think he has something serious to tell you.

  6. Jonathan is tired. He……..……..……..(try) to fix his motorbike all day.

  7. Melissa……..………..…..(read) three books this month.

  8. I feel dizzy and sleepy. My neighbours’ baby……....…………..(cry) all night.

  9. I can’t go out. I……..…..………..(not finish) my homework yet.

  10. Tom……………..…..(collect) key rings for 5 years. Now his collection has more than 100 items.

Exercise 3. Make sentences with the Present Perfect or Present Perfect Continuous. Write for/since if necessary.

  1. I/ work in this company/ eleven years.

  2. James/ love Marry/ the first day they met.

  3. We/ not study enough/ recently. I think we’re going to fail our exams.

  4. Your brother/ live in Saint Petersburg/ a long time?

  5. It/ rain/ two o’clock this morning.

  6. The students/ write the final test/ two hours.

  7. We/ travel around Russia/ June.

  8. They/ go out together/ three years.

  9. How long/ you/ wait?

  10. It/ not rain/ two months.

Exercise 4. Correct the mistakes.

  1. How many books have you been reading?

  2. They’ve been having this car for more than 5 years.

  3. I haven’t received any news from my family for October.

  4. How long has your parents been married?

  5. We’ve lived in Moscow since 10 years.

  6. Jane has been a violinist for 5 years ago.

  7. My grandparents live in the same village all their lives.

  8. Hi, Mike. How are you doing? I haven’t been seeing you for ages.

  9. My friends have just arriven home.

  10. She has been hating milk soup since she first ate it in the kindergarten.

  11. Children have watched cartoons for 3 hours. It’s time to go to bed.

  12. George has playing computer games all day.

  13. He has drank too much coffee and he can’t fall asleep.

  14. I have been visiting Spain three times.

  15. It have been raining since lunchtime.

Exercise 5. Communicative activity. Ask and answer questions with a partner. Ask as many follow-up questions as possible.

Student A.

  1. Have you been watching any interesting series recently? Can you recommend any?

  2. Is there any food that you have been eating non-stop recently?

  3. How long have you known your best friend? When and where did you meet?

  4. What have you been doing in your free time recently?

  5. Have you been saving money to buy anything over the last few weeks?

Student B.

  1. Have you been putting off doing something recently?

  2. Is there something that you’ve been doing since you were a child? (e.g. learning English, playing football, etc.)

  3. Has your city/town changed a lot recently? What changes have you noticed?

  4. What have you been doing for fun recently?

  5. How many films have you watched this month? Which of them has been the most exciting?

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