День святого Валентина (план урока)

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

I love St. Valentine’s,

And you should too

У преподавателей английского на одну причину больше любить праздники, ведь в праздничный день можно устроить тематическое занятие, отойти от привычных заданий и повеселиться. Приближается самый романтический день в году, а значит, самое время обсудить любовь, познакомиться с лексикой на данную тему и узнать об истории Дня святого Валентина.


Start a lesson by drawing a big heart on the board (interactive board) and ask students to fill it with words and expressions about love.


  • to have a crush on someone - запасть на кого-то;

  • to ask someone out - пригласить на свидание;

  • love at first sight - любовь с первого взгляда;

  • to go on a date - идти на свидание;

  • to hang out - проводить время вместе, тусоваться;

  • to stand someone up - продинамить;

  • to fall in love - влюбиться;

  • to get on well with somebody - ладить;

  • to make out - целоваться;

  • to hold hands - держаться за руки;

  • to tie the knot - пожениться;

  • to propose - сделать предложение;

  • to be in a relationship - быть в отношениях;

  • to play hard to get - строить недотрогу;

  • to flirt with someone - флиртовать.

Mix the words with definitions and ask the students to match them:

  1. to have a crush on someone - to have a feeling of love and admiration for someone, often someone you know you cannot have a relationship with.

  2. ask someone out - to invite someone to come with you to a place such as the cinema or a restaurant, especially as a way of starting a romantic relationship.

  3. love at first sight - strong and immediate attraction to someone you have just met.

  4. go on a date - go somewhere with someone you like to know more about each other.

  5. to hang out - to spend time with someone, either in a public place or at home.

  6. to stand someone up - not turn up for a date.

  7. fall in love - develop a deep romantic or sexual attachment to someone.

  8. to get on well with somebody - to have a good relationship.

  9. make out - kiss quite passionately.

  10. hold hands - to put your hand around someone else's hand as a show of affection.

  11. tie the knot - get married.

  12. to propose - ask someone to marry you.

  13. to be in a relationship - to be romantically involved with someone.

  14. To play hard to get - to act as if you are not interested in someone so that they will try harder to get you to be interested in them.

  15. flirt with someone - to behave as if you are interested in someone, in a not serious way.

If you see that students need more practise, ask them to make some sentences or a story using new vocabulary.


Bet You Didn’t Know: Valentine’s Day | History

True or False?

  1. St. Valentine’s day is one of the most popular holidays in America.

  2. There was only one St. Valentine.

  3. The holiday became associated with love in 1700s.

  4. The first written Valentine greetings appeared in the 15th century.

  5. People send more greeting cards on St. Valentine’s day than on Christmas.

  6. Americans spend about $1 billion on Valentine’s day.

  7. The three most popular gifts are candy, flowers and teddy bears.


  1. Is Valentine's Day celebrated in your country?

  2. What do people usually do on St. Valentine’s day? What about you?

  3. What are common presents for Valentine's Day in your country?

  4. Imagine a perfect St. Valentine’s date. If you could do anything or get any present, what would it be?

  5. Have you ever received a valentine or love letter on Valentine's Day?

  6. St. Valentine’s day is considered to be the most romantic holiday. Do you agree? If not, why?

  7. Are you a romantic person?

  8. Do you believe in love at first sight?

  9. When you were young(er), did you have a crush on any celebrity?

  10. Can you describe your perfect partner?


What is love? (baby, don’t hurt me :)

That is how some kids define love.

Give the first column to students and ask them to guess the possible endings. Then do the matching. At the end, ask them to give their own definitions of love.

1. Love is when my mom gives me …

2. Love is when you tell a girl you like her dress …

3. Love is when he buys you an ice-cream...

4. Love is when my mum hugs my dad …

5. Love is when my older sister reads me bedtime stories …

6.Love is when your brother helps you with your homework...

7. Love is what makes you …

a) …even when she has to wake up early.

b) … smile even when you feel like crying.

c) …even when he is dirty after a hard working day.

d) … and she starts wearing it every day.

e) … the most delicious piece of cake.

f) … when he has money only for one.

g) …even though he has his own to do.

We hope that you’ll teach your students not only to speak English, but also to love it with all their hearts.

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